Seeking field assistant for study in Costa Rica

Okay, so this is not really related to amphibians or the chytrid fungus, but I am interested in procuring a field assistant for my Dissertation research on tropical leaf litter lizards this summer. While the project is not about frogs, I can definitely guarantee that we will still see many – including the quintessential red-eyed treefrog.

Leaf litter anole (Anolis humilis) in Costa Rica

Leaf litter anole (Anolis humilis) in Costa Rica

So… on to the details.

Description: Seeking a field assistant for a Dissertation project examining interactions between arthropods (ants) and leaf litter lizards in Costa Rican lowland tropical rainforest.

Salary/Compensation: Station fees, lodging, and food expenses on site will be provided. The assistant is responsible for their own transportation to and from the station.

Term Period: 8 April to 28 May 2017 (~2 months). Exact dates somewhat flexible.

Responsibilities: The field assistant will help with setting up field plots, taking environmental measurements, searching for lizard eggs, collecting and caring for lizards in the laboratory, collecting ants, and monitoring invertebrate pitfall traps. Typical daily schedule will consist of field work (catching lizards, searching for nests, working with leaf litter plots) throughout the morning, and then after lunch, either more fieldwork or labwork, depending on weather conditions and the stage of the project. Assistants will frequently be expected to work long hours with the project leader under harsh field conditions.

 Lodging: Provided for assistant. On-site at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica. Meals included (vegetarian and other diet-restricted options available)

Required Qualifications:

–           Previous field work experience

–           Ability to follow instructions and work independently

–           A positive attitude. Must be willing to roll with changes in the research plan, and work long hours in rain or shine.


Preferred Qualifications:

–           Ability to speak Spanish

–           Experience and passion for working with small reptiles and/or amphibians

–           Tropical field work experience


For full consideration, respond by January 25, 2017.

To apply, please submit contact information for 3 references, a complete CV and a cover letter explaining why you are interested in this position, to Meredith (

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