Fabulous frog videos

Do you like David Attenborough? Do you like frogs? If your answer to one or more of these questions is a resounding “Yes!” then you need to watch this video. PBS Nature’s “Fabulous Frogs” is full of stunning footage of some of the most spectacular frogs and toads, including the Panamanian Golden Frog in the wild. The only thing that I felt was lacking was a little bit more on conservation and the importance of frogs to society. I had also hoped that there was going to be something on the Kihansi spray toad since that is one of my favorite species of conservation concern (they are just too cute!). Nevertheless, seeing David Attenborough interact with monkey tree frogs and African bullfrogs was far too priceless to pass up watching.

Anyway, if you enjoyed that video and are hankering for more frog videos, SavetheFrogs.com has an entire page devoted to them. Hope you enjoy!

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