Frog vs Fungus: Keeping score

So I just decided to do something that I probably should have started a long time ago. To go along with the theme of this blog’s title (“Frog vs Fungus”) I have decided to keep score of the outcomes of the articles and information that I review. If the study showed that amphibians were able to defend themselves from chytrid or if it killed Bd, then I scored it for “Frog”. If the fungus was found on something new or killed something, then it was a score for “Fungus”. There are a number of posts that either were not directly related to the chytrid problem or where the interactions were so complex that it was not clear whether the frog or the fungus won. In those cases, I did not include the score at the bottom of the post. As it stand right now, our current score is Frog: 10, Fungus: 16. This does not bode well for frogs, but hopefully there will be some new probiotics studies this year that might turn the tide. Stay tuned to find out!

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