Pesticide shown to prevent mortality by chytrid

A common brand of herbicide (Roundup), although initially believed to be eco-friendly, was shown by researchers to be highly lethal to amphibians in certain quantities. However, these effects are actually rather complicated. Adding the herbicide to a pond where predator cues were present resulted in less mortality than was normally observed for Roundup addition. Morphological changes caused by the herbicide were also observed in the tadpoles during that study. Perhaps the most intriguing find, though, was that, in the presence of Bd, Roundup actually enhanced tadpole survival. It seems that Roundup, although thought detrimental to many aquatic animals, may be beneficial to amphibians in some amounts since it can limit the growth of Bd. Like most things, perhaps chemical herbicides are best in small amounts. On a sidenote, some nice organic weed-killers are corn gluten meal and vinegar (I actually conducted an experiment on organic herbicides in high school, so I can say from personal experience that vinegar kills really well at high concentrations).

Frog: 10, Fungus: 14

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