A cinematic lesson in conserving wildlife

I watched this animated short video earlier this week and I thought that some readers might enjoy it since the main conflict involves a giant salamander (it looks like a cross between a hellbender and a giant prehistoric tetrapod) and the protagonist is an enthusiastic young naturalist. Its charming storybook animation fits in nicely with the underlying moral lesson – in this case, I think the lesson is that we shouldn’t try to take and keep everything for our own and sometimes it is better to leave things in the wild where we found them. This is something that can be hard for younger naturalists to follow, and unfortunately, is not always possible for scientists and conservationists. In the case of critically endangered or newly discovered animals, if they were all left in the wild, there would be no specimens for science and the species could die out without there ever having been any attempts to preserve it in captivity. As naturalists and scientists, I guess that each person has to judge for themselves when it is okay to collect a certain species for safe keeping (whether alive or dead) and when you should just leave it where you found it.

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