Countdown to Golden Frog Week!

III Festival Rana DoradaThe official schedule for “La Festival de La Rana Dorada” is now out. This is the third year that dedicated individuals from STRI, PARC and EVACC will be putting together activities for the week of Golden Frog Day. Yesterday, the head intern from PARC, Angie Estrada, and I worked on some of the activities for Golden Frog Day at Summit Zoo with some other volunteers. I won’t tell you everything we are working on right now because I want to save that for a later post, but I will say that we got a lot done and I think that this is going to be a fantastic Golden Frog Day! Besides the events at Summit Zoo on Friday, there will also be presentations at schools in El Valle and Panama City, presentations and activities at Punta Culebra, talks at the local pub “La Rana Dorada” (which, by the way, has fantastic beer), and a parade in El Valle. There is still a lot for me to get done before then, but I am looking forward to getting to participate in some fun activities.

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