Panama, here I come!

Tomorrow I leave for Panama, to live in Gamboa for the next two and a half months. During that time I will be helping with research projects for the Belden & Harris Labs, education and outreach with PARC, and conducting my own little research project. My project will hopefully focus on the effects of habitat on Bd prevalence and intensity. Craugastor fitzingeri is a small terrestrial frog that can be found both by streams and in forests. It is thought that frogs from streamside habitats are more likely to be heavily infected with chytrid since permanent streams provide cool, moist habitats for the amphibian chytrid fungus. By studying infection variation across habitats within a single species, I may be able to provide more evidence for the role of habitat and environmental conditions on Bd infection. But we will have to see…

While I am in Panama, I hope to keep the blog updated with posts on the research and education projects I help out with and the awesome animals I see. I am bringing two cameras, so I am sure that I will be able to snap at least some good frog pictures. đŸ˜‰ It will also be the rainy season while I am in Panama (in fact, according to the weather on my airplane flight boarding information, the next three days will be 85 degrees Fahrenheit with a 50% chance of rain – what a welcome to the rainforest), but the weather will not deter me from wanting to see some amazing rainforest plants and animals.

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