Recovery of a frog population affected by chytrid

Fleay’s barred frog (Mixophyes fleayi), an endangered stream breeding frog from Australia, experienced a population decline due to Bd, but was recently found to have bounced back in population size. Because Bd is still thought to persist in the area where these frogs occur, this finding provides evidence that it is possible for populations to develop resistance to the fungus and even recover from population decline. The researchers monitored the frog populations with mark-recapture studies for about 7 years, but only time will tell if the barred frog populations will make a full recovery or if Bd is still prevalent in the area surveyed. Nevertheless, this study gives me hope that other frog populations severely affected by Bd, like the harlequin frogs of Latin America, might be able to make a come back.

Frog: 8, Fungus: 8

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