This Christmas, I am grateful for biodiversity

As the holiday season comes around, we tend to think about what (and whom) we are most grateful for. I think that one of the most basic things that we can be grateful for this holiday season is the joy of rising every morning to a world full of life. The world would be a smaller and much more boring planet without all of the animals and plants surrounding us. In fact, a study just this year has shown that biodiversity loss may have even more negative impacts on our ecosystems than climate change or pollution. I think that the other species that are sharing this world with us are worth holding on to, whether for utilitarian or emotional reasons, so I just wanted to encourage everyone to donate to nonprofit organizations like Save the Frogs and the Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation project this holiday season. Heifer International is also a great humanitarian organization that is easy to donate to as a gift for family or friends if you are more interested in helping other people who are in need. There is a growing trend now in some parts of society to make donations to someone’s chosen organization rather than buying material things for them during Christmas. I think that this is a good idea, because it helps avoid America’s consumer culture during the holidays. Speaking of which, I would also like to remind you that, for the sake of the trees, please reuse and/or recycle your wrapping paper. Thank you.

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