Chytrid Found on Tropical Reptiles

A recent study in Panama by members of the Smithsonian Institution surveyed several species of tropical snakes and lizards for the presence of Bd – and found that some of these reptiles tested positive for chytrid. In addition, the number of individual reptiles that carried the chytrid fungus in a certain locale seemed to be directly correlated with the presence of Bd in the amphibians of that area. This is troubling news, as it indicates that in addition to the environment potentially harboring the chytrid fungus, other animals might be carriers as well. Because Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis zoospores are so readily transported, researchers are always advised to disinfect their clothes and equipment every time they return from catching amphibians. Amphibian enthusiasts should also be aware of the danger of spreading disease through release of captive reptiles and amphibians (no matter how healthy they appear).

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