PBS Video on Frog Decline

The Nature show on PBS had an episode aired in 2009 called “Frogs: The Thin Green Line“. Being a huge fan of the Nature show, I could not resist sharing this video with you (even if it is a little outdated). It is about the decline in frog populations across the world due to chytrid fungus and other factors. It covers the effects of atrazine, a common agricultural pesticide, on frogs, as well as the phenomenon of malformed frogs. It is a truly incredible video with many different areas and unique frog species. As a fair warning, the video quality might not be the best when you blow it up to full screen, but it is definitely well worth watching regardless. Obviously, in the time since this, some things have changed. The chytrid fungus has continued to progress and conservation efforts are stepping up. Panamanian Golden Frogs (Atelopus zeteki) are reproducing in captivity now, bringing hope for the species. Research has been done on chytrid and many scientists are working on finding solutions.

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